Sunday, December 19

VLOMO2010-Day29-Unboxing Danica

Todays VLOMO moment is brought to you by Hot Wheels and Danica Patrick. The story goes like this. Some months ago The Sprite and I were in Costco where we saw a really cool large scale Ferrari R/C car for $30. Determined to own said item to add to his Jay Leno-esque car collection The Sprite set about saving his allowance. Weeks passed and when he finally reached the appropriate amount of savings we went back to Costco to make his purchase. Sadly once there we found all trace of the Ferrari was gone, they had sold their entire stock of that car. Not to be deterred we head home and to the power of Google and the Internet. After 3-4 hours of searching for large Ferrari cars in the $30 price range The Sprite had made his online purchase. Only now he was getting a Danica Patrick Indy car. Why? Who knows. We've never watched Indy racing, he has no idea who Ms Patrick is. But who am I to deny the boy to invite the lovely (and extremely fast) young lady into our house. After several days of waiting and asking when Danica will arrive, the box finally showed up on our doorstep...

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