Saturday, June 30

A Celebration of Flag Cupcakes

Gaige wanted to bake some cupcakes for his classmates on the last day of first grade. He also wanted to decorate them with flags of the world, his current obsession being flags and all. Country, state, county. He knows them all, and the house is littered with paintings and drawings of his renditions of a seemingly random collection of flags. From Antigua and Barbados to Kansas and California.

Flag Cakes 01

So being the adventurous types, we shopped for ingredients and baked our cupcakes from scratch; no Betty Crocker boxes here dontcha know. We coated the tops with thick extra white frosting. Then spent several hours cutting shapes of coloured marzipan to create the flags, We even resorted to hijacking the ElectricMommy to assist in the cutting and assembling. All in all, a good creative evenings work.

Flag Cakes 04Flag Cakes 02

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