Thursday, February 17

100 Days of Kindergarten

Today marks the 100th day The Sprite has been in school. To comemorate this epic acheivement the teachers had them prepare a 100 Day presentation for the class. The kids had to collect 100 Things and do a show and tell in front of their classmates. Our little petrol-head predictably chose cars as his 100 Things and ElectricMommy printed out 95 cool NASCARs and HotWheels cars from the internet and The Sprite cut and glued them to a sheet of poster board. We then added 5 real HotWheels cars to the board for effect.Of course, being the designer, I could not let the poster board go simply decorated with printed out cars. I added a yellow and white racing stripe motif to the flourescent orange board, and added a 100 racing number for good measure.

We then prepped The Sprite on what to say for his presentation, and here he is running through it, trying to remember his words and not get nervous. Well, I managed to stay and watch all the kids do their presentations today and it was very cute. They were all entertaining and had some great 100 Things collections. The Sprite of course had to wait to last, to check out what everyone else was going to do. A leader he is not. But he remembered all his key points and spoke up well.

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