Friday, October 1

Junk Mail

Disgusted by the gross amount of paper waste that pours through our mailbox each week, I shot this little protest movie. Hundreds of those prepaid return mail envelopes, largely from credit card companies and banks, end up in the trash each month. An utter waste. Each time one of those envelopes is returned it costs the companies money. I seal the empty envelope and mail it back, wasting the companies revenue. If a huge number of thepopulation did this in a co-ordinated effort, these financial institutions would get the message. No one can force them to stop the waste, but mney talks and if they waste enough of it, who knows...

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Anonymous said...

Well... if you really want to help the environment and save yourself a bunch of hassle you might just try

It's the official opt-out web site of the credit reporting agencies. File a permanent opt-out with them and you will stop receiving all that crap. I did it 3 years ago and it slashed the amount of junk mail I get.

A friend.