Wednesday, May 14

Semanal08 : Week 15 - A Sprite On The Sand

On a warm, sunny Spring day the family took a little jaunt to the seaside. Mr. G loves the beach, and makes a beeline for the water the moment we release him from the car. So, we spent a Sunday relaxing down at Huntington Beach, looking out over the glistening Pacific Ocean. It was early in the season so parking was easy to find, and the spacious beach was practically deserted. On this day we took a stroll along the beach path, went along to the end of the pier and looked at the seagulls, got some food from one of the vendors along the path and had a little picnic on the sand. Followed by some fun and frolic, and the inevitable indigestion. Our attempts at building sand castles were thwarted by Senør Destructo himself, his Royal Spriteliness. But we did end up finishing the day off with some ice cream. A visit to the beach is never complete without it.


Batman Geek said...

all that pants, in underwear...oh...I itch just thinking about it

Adam Mercado said...

@Batman Geek

ha ha...indeed. Try telling a 3 year old not to get sand in his eyes or mouth. Impossible. But when it happens, oh boy do we hear about it.