Sunday, May 4

Semanal08 : Week11 - An Early Start

A rare occasion when the whole family is up on time and ready to go early on a weekday. Being up and ready early made me ponder how I could maximize my productive time, without neglecting sleep, and still getting out of the door with enough time to get to work on time.

Sadly, on this particular morning, i spent too much time videoblogging to get myself out of the house on time.

I read an article about the 6 day week, following the 28 hour day schedule, whereby one would be awake for 20 hours and sleep for 8. Obviously this would mess with any work schedule as by day three you would be awake through the night. But I thought it interesting, as a way to maximise productivity, and to ultimately get an additional four hours a day to spend playing Guitar Hero on the Playstation

Humorously illustrated here:

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