Monday, April 14

Post-project Software Rant

Following up from the days earlier post about Project Stress. The project in question was finally completed and succesfully tested and delivered at 7:30pm on Friday of a long long week. The final disc was taped to the front door of the vendor who was flying out the next morning to the trade show our client was present at. I left it in trust and good faith it would be recieved safely. We uploaded a safety for good measure.

 After, I took a few moments to breath out, relax, and summarise my thoughts and feelings from earlier. Evidently I was not happy with the software I had entrusted my production's success to. Preperation is everyting in these short deadline gigs and the company I work for is often woefully unprepared. They have a habit of committing to work, projects, or technology without having an inkling of what it will take. And who gets to bite the bullet and figure it all out, with limited resources and get the whole show delivered in half the time? That's right, yours truly. But I'll save that for a future rant!


David said...

That was an amazing rant! Loved it!

I cant say that I've had the same kind of troubles with my machines or with Final Cut as you have (knock on wood) but I understand how frustrating it can be.

Loving your vids Adam. Keep em coming!

Cheryl said...

Truly exceptional rant, Adam. I've had similar experiences, which has caused me to become overly paranoid in my care of a system that works. I won't update anything mid-project, won't install other useful applications, dread seeing QuickTime in the Software Update window, etc. More than once I've argued with an Apple employee until they've given in and fixed the problem for me and quit trying to sell me Pro level support. And I'm sure I'll have to do it again.