Wednesday, March 19

Semanal08 : Week7 - A Night At The Races

It was a balmy night in western Arizona. The family headed out to the Mohave Valley Raceway near Bullhead City for a night of dirt track racing. Other than some speedway motorcycle racing back in England, I have never witnessed dirt track racing. My motor sports experiences have been purely tarmac-based. Until this night.

The night was a series of heats and a final of lower class vehicles, and the showcase class Modifieds. If I remember correctly, my father-in-law was telling me these monsters run on alchohol, which makes them the bad-ass mo-fo's of the paddock. Watching these loud and ugly Mad Max machines round the 1/3 mile oval almost entirely sideways was a sight to behold. Amazing control, driving on the ragged edge. And did I mention they were loud.

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