Tuesday, January 8

Semanal08 - W1 : Driving Into An Arizona Sunset

Late this summer, the family drove out to Lake Havasu, AZ to visit the in-laws. One evening as we were headed out, we were treated to a gloriou sunset. the sky turned colors and the car's shadow raced alongside us. I was entranced for the entire journey. I originally planned to make 3 seperate Lumiere-type videos out of the footage, but upon further review I decided to cut down to the best shots and create a more consice clip. Shot on FLiP video recorder in 3iVX format. Cut in Final Cut Pro in PhotoJPEG. Color timing and some light roto in AfterEffects. Encoded in Episode to FLV and H264. Music by Weekend Players. Into The Sun from Pursuit of Happiness.

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Michael W said...

I remember when my wife and I went through Arizona this past summer I would stare out the window watching the car's shadow jump back and forth. Nice video.