Tuesday, May 29

Give us your sick, your hungry, your poor. And we'll bury them.




Dont get me started. Coming from a country that has free basic healthcare for ALL of its citizens I find the level of care, or lack thereof, in this country shameful. The wealthiest, most powerful country on earth cannot even give its people the most rudimentary of care. I moved here 12 years ago and even back then the politicians were talking and talking about healthcare reform. And after 12+ years of talk things have only gotten worse. And the same politicians are doing nothing but talk still. And its funny, because if the voters in this country REALLY cared about healthcare, made it their number one deciding factor come election time, then there would be a much better chance for change. But as long as Bush and the wacky Christian right are allowed to dumb the debate down to "national security" or "gay marriage" or "pro-life (give me a break)" then this is what you are stuck with. These guys sure arent gonna change things. These are the people on the board, making all the dividends.

Micheal Moore has a new movie called SICKO that deals with just this topic. But everyone will probably boycott that movie as he is an anti-Bush communist, right. And his message cannot be taken seriously.

And this all hits close to home at this moment as my family stand to lose our health insurance unless something can be worked out very quickly. Before I worked at my current full-time gig, I worked for ElectricMommy's business and we set up a small group insurance plan for us. She is narcoleptic and relies on medication that costs $1000 a month. Small group is one of the few ways to get afordable coverage whilst having a pre-existing condition. Without her meds she pretty much cannot function, cannot drive, cannot work. Renewing our small group paperwork, we noticed the Insurer will reject coverage if any of our income is gained from full time employment. They will and audit you and prosecute if they find any benefits paid were "falsely obtained". Well, as of the last 8 months that has been me. So there is no way we can risk getting audited and have The Big Blue Shape sue us for all the medication we may have fraudulently gotten. And it is another 10 months until open enrollment comes around at my job. And no insurer will cover her on her own with a pre-existing.

So just what the fuck do they actually expect people to do? Roll over and die? I mean unless you are healthy and wealthy we obviously dont deserve coverage, we are diluting the elitist gene-pool. Right?

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