Tuesday, March 27

In sickness and, eventually, in health

The latest health related episode the Sprite of Fury has had to endure occured this past weekend. After a perfect day Saturday working outside in the back garden, with Lil' G helping out or playing by himself for pretty much the whole day, we wrapped the days activities with a little hockey practice. While I practiced my reverse crossovers and close-quarters stick handling in the street (yes, a terrible example of safety I know) The Sprite followed along and retrieved errant pucks for me. We played a little kerb-side catch as he would throw me the puck and I shoot it back to him, before turning in as the sun went down. A great end to a very nice, productive day.

The troubles began a little before 11pm that night. After eating all his dinner and doing our bedtime ritual, he settled down to sleep around 9pm. Less than 2 hours later our Pay-Per-View movie for the evening was interupted with loud and painful cries from his bedroom. I go to see what is wrong and find a large puddle of vomit on the floor and one in his bed. I call ElectricMommy to help, who graciously mops up the puke, changes sheets and gets a new blanket. While I hold my sickly child, he vomits over my shoulder and down my back. After a few minutes my T-Shirt is soaked. It's okay though, it's a daddies duty.

Eventually, there is nothing left to come out and The Sprite is gagging and heaving violently, clearly scared out of his poor little mind. What can I do but tell hime it's going to be okay and soon it will be over. Well, soon ended up being 8am the following morning, pretty much. He slept between 2-4am on my lap on the couch (thank heavens for 24 hour cable TV). But other than that the routine went:
"hold you, hold you" - resting on my shoulder as I carried him around the house
"tummy ache" - protesting at the pain building up inside
"fresh water" - drinking a sip of water to ease the ache
"blugh, aaaagh, I spilled" - spewing the sip of water over himself or my shoulder
"lay down" - laying on his changing table, sleeping, exhausted from the trauma

Sunday was better. ElectricMommy took over for a few hours as I got some sleep. G' Man was able to hold down some water, and by the afternoon was holding down Goldfish crackers and a slice of dry bread. There were a few small puke episodes but he seemd to be over the worst of it. He fell asleep on the living room floor as we watched The Planet on Discovery. He so restful I did not like to move him. Around 10pm he started to stir so I attempted to move him to bed.

He wnted nothing to do with that. Wanting to sleep on his changing table again, and screamed in protest if i tried to lay him in his crib, the only thing that seemed to work was putting him in our bed. This worked for a while as I lay with him rubbing his back. But when I left the room he woke up and wanted juice. After fetching him juice, he sat up in our bed and emptied his guts on my pillow, then on me. Again. That made 4 puke soaked T-Shirts for the day. Not bad.

So he eventually gets to bed and to our amazement and relief, sleeps the whole night. Monday he stays home with Mommy and is able to drink plenty of Pediatite and eat banana and crackers and bread. No vomitting all day, but the other end started leaking in a big way. Whatever was causing it was moving through his system. Hopes were that he would sleep all night again and be good to go for school on Tuesday.

Well, not to be. He yakked again Monday night out of the blue and was an effort to go down to sleep. He woke up around 4am needing some attention, but did not get sick. He got up for good at 7:30 and was in decent spirits. I had to stay home from work as ElectricMommy had business out of town, and he was obviously still in no shape to go to school.

So here I am watching him sleep after a very tiring bottom explosion, which I mopped up with shop-towels and the garden hose. He was able to eat and hold down his "cookie", the fruit cereal bar he has for breakfast. He has complained most of the morning of"tummy ache" still, and been a bit cranky. Trying to figure out just which Wiggles DVD he wants to watch is annoying for the pair of us. Hopefully he feels better this afternoon and we can get outside for a little fresh air. And hopefully he can eat something and see the last of this draining infliction.

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