Tuesday, March 27

DJElectricDaddy : Now as a Tumblog

If it has escaped anyone I'll let it be known that alongside this Blogger blog, I have started a sister blog on Tumblr. These bite size blogs, known as Tumblogs are intended to be quicker and more frequent posts than the longer, more in depth verbal dribblings found here. It is really easy to update the Tumblog with a quick note or picture that would not warrant a full post in the blog, so bookmark the link and check it out regularly.

DJElectricDaddy Tumblog


A. K. & A. said...
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amontice said...

Hey man, thanks for the comment on the blog. I love when people put their in-put into what I have to say, it makes the expereince all that much better. I know what you mean about the iPeed shirt, I think for the first 4 months that my son was alive, that is all he did to me. I must have been his favorite toilet seat.

Love the blog, you have a wonderful family and a beautiful son. I am looking forward to the hockey games as well, although I need to download them cause I live in Japan, and they can't even spell hockey!