Wednesday, March 9

Little League : Phillies T-Ball Opening Day

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Last weekend saw The Sprite have his first game as a member of The Phillies Little league T-Ball team. This was after the mornings opening ceremony which had every team take the field to present their banners and colors. It was all very exciting, and new to me. Being a Brit, this whole organised youth sport thing is taken far more seriously on this side of the pond.

Anyhow, the kids looked great in their bright red uniforms, and they played remarkably well for a bunch of 5-6 year olds who had only 4 practices so far as a team. The other team definitely had the better of the hitting, but luckily at this stage no-one keeps score and the kids are not really paying attention to who is doing better. We have this one kid on our team who is a real gamer, you can tell he's been practicing for this day for years. He's the only kid who can hit the ball clear over the pitchers head past the second baseman. And he has an arm. He can fire that ball from third base like a rocket.

They're all just out there having fun. Until the attention starts to waver after about 3 innings. They only play for 5 innings in T-Ball and that is clearly enough for these little guys. We have 20 games in the season, 2 per week. Gonna be a lot of fun.

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