Wednesday, June 4

Semanal08 : Week 16 - Lunchtime Playground

A few weeks ago, ElectricMummy had to go do some business things, which is nothing unusual, except on this occasion our little Sprite had a bit of a cough that kept him out of school. That left me on playground duty for a couple of hours. Which was actually quite nice, it got me out of the office and away from work for an extended period of time with a perfectly valid excuse.

So, with time to kill, the boy and I hit the swings, slides and sand for a brief playtime. He had fun running around (of course) and I had fun chasing him (again, of course) stuffing my Flip into his face wherever he went.

But like all good things, our relaxing afternoon came to and end when mummy returned and he had to go home for a nap, and I back to work.

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