Saturday, May 10

Semanal08 : Week 14 - First Move, Playground Fun

A little while ago, we decided that The Sprite was ready for the next big test in his growth as a media consumer. He successfully graduated from Baby Einstein, to The Wiggles, to Sesame Street, to every Pixar DVD available. Now he was ready for the Big Screen.

A semi-local movie theatre has $1 movies on Sunday mornings, so we figured we would test The Sprite's ability to sit through a feature length with little financial risk. The latest Pixar gem Ratatouille was screening, so this was a no brainer to get him into. And although this was least kid-friendly movie Pixar has made to date, G did very well, sitting still throughout the show. The story was more grown-up and the characters less cuddly than previous Pixar creations, but there was planty of slapstick to keep us all giggling.

After the movie was over, The Sprite needed to burn off 2 hours of couped-up, coke-fueled energy. So we headed across the street to the park for a walk and some fun on the big slide at the playground.

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